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API is nothing but an application program interface which has a set of protocols, schedules and necessary tools for creating software applications and a good API makes everything easy to develop a program by presenting all the building blocks. After that a developer or a programmer arranges the blocks together. Most of the operating environments like MS-Windows provide API integration so that developers or programmers can create applications consistent with operating environment. Though they are designed and planned for programmers, they are good for users as they guarantee that all programs are functioned with a common API with same interfaces. This option makes it easy for users to learn new programs.

Once the dependencies are in, setting up the server is merely seven lines of code :
► Create a Self-host configuration
► Add default route to the configuration
► Create a server instance using the configuration
► Start the server and listen to inputs asynchronously
► Print the server started message and wait till someone hits Enter to close the server
We are well established experts of Google API integration as we offer experienced consultation along with integration of Google checkout and Google maps for your existing websites. We provide best service to you as our experts excel in integration of different Application program interface and web feeds in PHP and allow the use of content from PayPal, fedex, Google and Amazon.
Our main service is to provide :

► Facebook API integration
Facebook API Integration includes seamless integration of Facebook Login and getting all the facebook data into the client's website.  Login, Graph API,Social Plugins, Open Graph, Payments, FQL can be integrated to any website.
► Twitter API integration 
Twitter API integration includes integration of Twitter Login and getting all the tweets of twitter account into the client's website. Follow Button, Embedded Timelines, Embedded Tweets, Tweet Button,Twitter Cards  can be integrated to any website.
► Google API integration
Google API integration includes integration of Google Login and getting all the Blog of google account into the client's website.

Google Map integration Google Login integration Google Blog integration


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