Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is domain ?
A domain name is the address for your website. this is the name which entered by someone in the web browser for access your web pages. domain always points to a physical location that holds your web pages files.

2) How long it take to have a website made ?
It's depends on your requirements, design layouts and size of contents which you want to integrate with you website.

3) How much cost for dynamic website?
Dynamic website cost depends on functionality and design, which you would like to implement in to your website.

4) What is difference between static and dynamic website?
Static sites is best for small company, who want to create only 3-4 pages of website. static website is quick and cheap to develop. but in future if you want to update anything on the site than you requires we developer.

5) What is directory submission?
It is submission of your website’s url to the relevant category of an online directory.

6) Which are the leading search engines?
Few of them are Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista.

7) Can you convert old HTML into valid XHTML/CSS?
 we could convert old HTML into valid XHTML/CSS. Send us your old files/links or contact us to discuss in detail.

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