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As a premier name in the industry, Bricks Technology delivers you exclusive Python solutions.


As a premier name in the industry, Bricks Technology delivers you exclusive Python solutions. Our support and service include tailor-made web portals and next-generation apps. Our Python solutions are designed to improve your web presence experience.

Our Expertise

At Bricks Technology, we understand that Python is required to build custom feature-rich web solutions. And, we get the best from its mature libraries, use external packages for critical tasks.
We better know how to curtail the power of Python frameworks that include Pyramid, Django, Zope, Flask, etc. We use them to establish excellent ready-made functionality to deliver a functional and expandable prototype faster than ever.
Customization & Upgrade
We have a team of Python professionals who upgrade 3rd party Python solutions to meet the needs of your business better. We can improve functionality and ensure excellent results altogether.
Legacy Rescue
At Bricks Technology, we are committed to offering rescue services for specific projects where technical debt affects the flow of business. We give quick solutions by refactoring and redesigning Python-based solutions or transpiring code to languages that run at higher speeds.
Advanced Web Applications
As an expert team, we apply our hands-on expertise to build enterprise-grade web applications and leverage Flask, Python, Zope, and Pyramid. This enables us to find solutions when functionality affects your business idea and requirements entail.
Complex Backend System
Our professionals opt for Python when they need to develop large-scale backend systems for web applications whose server-side logic require large amounts of addressable memory, faster performance, and long-running background processes.
Better Security
Bricks Technology gives priority to the security measure, especially in high-risk environments. We ensure proper security where sensitive data is at stake and inputs are unpredictable. When it comes to developing an application, we use OWASP Python Security empowered with our proprietary modifications and bundled with, PyCrypto or other libraries for delivering excellent web solutions that are strong enough to attacks and manipulations.Highly Scalable
Scaling with Python is more than just possible: it’s a pattern. Based on the environment, our Python engineers utilize PyPy, CPython, or Jython for the purpose of running the interpreter loop and maximizing simplicity and consistency. This is how; we ensure a predictable runtime and lend Python to smart horizontal scalability.  Caching, indexing, and database query factoring are some of the crucial features.




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