Terms and conditions

In order to get services from bricktechnology.com, you need to follow terms and conditions which have been accepted by other clients.  By using this site, it is understood that the client has accepted every term and condition presented by us legally.

The customer’s approval for work to start shall be estimated as a contractual agreement  between our company and the client.
In certain conditions where the client provides animations, text, images or any other content must be unique and ensure that it does not break any copyright.

The price given to the customer is according to the work agreed by client on the quotation. The clients should decide on the changes are needed after work on the website which takes extra charges for that.

If the client wishes to cancel any point during the working process, then they may remain responsible or the work that is completed shall be charged accordingly.

If any dispute arises in implementation or interpretation of any provision of this terms and conditions then the dispute will be referred to a sole arbitrator who shall be a unbiased and independent party identified by Bricktechnology.com. Decision of the arbitrator will be final to the dispute.

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